Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sorry how difficult or easy

Hello and how are you doing today? before i go to bed i just want to pour out my heart. Today wasn't a bad day for me if i may say but i am in the mood where the "i am sorry" sentence is a little bit to heavy for me. Somebody said that when you are the first person to say that you are sorry it means you are the most mature person in the relationship. How true? right now, with the way i am feeling i think that i want to be the last person saying "i am sorry", don't you think. It makes me feel on top of the world, don't you think? lol come on who is with me on this one?
Anyways deep down i know and i have always know that it's more matured to be the first to use the "i am sorry" sentence. Yes i can hear you it is not easy at all, some times you just want to ignore that little voice telling you to just swallow your pride and say that you are sorry even when you weren't the one at fault. You want to listen to the aggressive voice telling you not to even dare, that you are going to look very small and you will just be taken for granted because you said "i am sorry".
If we all learn to say "i am sorry" first the world will be a better place, relationships will wax stronger and stronger, families will have a more solid foundation and we will all sleep peacefully at night, believe me i have tried it and it still doesn't make it easy at all.....
It's time for me to go to bed now, before i say goodnight please join the campaign and learn to say sorry first no matter the situation. Ciao

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