Saturday, June 19, 2010

Something new

Hi whats up? I hope you are having a lovely weekend cos i am, although a little bothered about the cameroon march and hope they can finally pull it off. But anyways i love my Etoo is showed me what he is made off. Okay i am back to what's on the menu today : "something new". I went for a business seminar in a church called "This present House", nice creative church if you ask me. They have taught me that it is not a sin to worship God in a creative way. Like i am told that when its time to pray Joyce Meyer gets comfortable and gets a cup of hot chocolate and then she talks to God how awesome. Now back to the point, lol......please forgive me i divert a lot.
Now in the business seminar the speaker was a Pastor Joshua Shonubi of Newlife Chapel. From the seminar i learnt that there are a lot of opportunities in Nigeria and the world at large that we do not know about. He talked about the power of the internet, technology and how it has made the world a global village. He made me understand that if i have a phone, a computer and access to the internet i am a product of the global world and can do and see my business as a global business. He made me thinking, instead of waiting for the job let me create an opportunity for myself. Start with all the unfinished business in nigeria, if we look deeply there are a lot of raw talents in this country untapped and underutilized.
I have learnt that i have wasted a lot of time sulking and wondering why it has been difficult to find a job. I will use the talents God has given me and succeed, for He said that the riches of the gentiles I will give you, and whatever you touch I will prosper. Why should i be poor and the gentiles be rich. Why should i a believer not be the one to make an impact in society?......
We need to be informed and knowledgeable even Proverbs says it, my people perish for lack of knowledge ..........
P.s make the internet your friend, not just for facebook or chatting but for research and knowledge, and unlike what you have heard from birth business and bible work hand in hand, don't forget that. Will continue next time we meet, ciao.

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