Friday, January 14, 2011

Now What?

Not happy, but I am holding on...

Have you ever been in a position where you feel that it's not working?

I know I want to be a writer, I know I am a writer cos I love to write.
But it's so frustrating when it's so difficult to get someone professional to read your work. It's even more frustrating when after they have read it, they feel it wasn't that great.

Now what?

Do I just dump it and not continue again?
Is writing really my calling?
Maybe I should stick my head somewhere else, and just limit the writing to my diary and for my eyes only....


I know we have to work at it, and they say practice makes perfect, but for how long will I have to write to be noticed in the publishing world?
How long do I have to endure the rejection before it finally comes out?

When they ask me what is my style sometimes I don't even know what to say... I go on a long explanation road of how my first book talked about kids on an adventure, my second book about a grandmother and her granddaughter, and blah blah blah...
Most of the time as I speak I watch the impatience in the listeners ears...they are like..." oh boy will she just hurry up and let us go....or why didn't she just tell us that she writes fictions, or she is an essay writer or creative writer or something..........

It's hard my dears I must say, but what in life isn't hard at first...

I guess after brooding for a while I will just have to stand up and continue...
For no one can determine the destiny of another man,
For no one knows tomorrow...


  1. I really feel you dear. It's a phase and it will pass.
    What you may want to do is to define what you write. Give your online audience online a piece of your work, post excerpts (if you haven't done so already)it will give you a good idea of what other people think and help you get better.

    Most importantly, Keep writing!
    cheers. :)

  2. Don't give up, one day it will happen for you, try to stay in contact with Myne, her writing rocks! Ask her for some tips, sisters here got one another!

  3. @remiroy thank you very much. Good advice. Will do that.
    @yankeenaijababe I know. I have read her book and i loved it..Will send her a mail and ask her.. Thank you all.

  4. Your name Tamunoibifiri, gives you away as my sister! Toro?

    Never GIVE UP!

    Keep writing as it comes, later on read through and edit as mush as you can, that way, you'll improve the final package, before it is read by the "professional".

    In addition, like Yankeenaijababe said, ask for tips from other professionals. Thankfully, we have one on blogsville - Myne!

  5. be encouraged to keep writing but also know that its possible that your calling may be writing but its not what you will earn from or get recognition for. probe into that and see of you can try some-other stuff but above all do not give up. i cant begin to tell you the number of ideas ive had and dropped coz i did not try enough. hang in there.

  6. First of all, I love what Mbabazi said. To right...

    Second of all, why are you waiting for someone's permission to do what you love? If it is your heart, then you go for it. Self-publish. I may not be making a ton of money but it is working for me. I am writing, loving it and thanks to God Almighty, people are actually buying my books...... Please Ibifiri, don't wait for someone's OK to live your life. OK?

    Third of all, never give up on your dreams. Never! OK?

  7. Firi,
    Have you ever read Abraham Lincoln's story? He vied for almost every political position and lost. Then he vied for president and won. After so many years and so many rejections, he was exalted above and beyond his "imaginations"! I wont say beyond "expectations" because the fact that he had courage to even run for president means that he believed in himself enough to run for president. SO if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself up and try again! C'est la vie baby, c'est la vie ..:).. It is well.

    PS:At least i didn't turn you down on reading your book ;)