Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writers Group

Good morning y'all...
I know we may not be too excited about today cos we have to go to work after a public holiday that almost came into riots.. hmm the name change of the University of Lagos (loll that's a story for another day) God please help Nigeria.

Anyways if you have been following me for a while, you will remember that I had a post about writers forums, and how they can be of great help to up coming writers especially in this part of the world. Even though I was thinking of starting one, which I couldn't. A group of people came together and started one. The first meeting was on Sunday the 27th of May, and it was fantastic. I learnt a lot.

Really there are a lot of hidden talents in this country I must say.
Wow what people wrote.. really fantastic stuff. After the session, we all went with something: "write outside the box. Cos it sometimes seems that we as African writers, almost all write one theme. (that's why one of my greatest fans is Myne Whitman. I love the genres she writes).

Another thing I love about a writers group, its ability it gives its members to task their brains. It also makes the writers more confident in their work. (Before I went there I had thought that my unfinished novel was just terrible. but after I read my work, I was amazed at the feedback I got. loll. (Constructive criticism and very on point).

Well I want to say thank you to the organizer of the writers group it has been of tremendous help. Even though I am cracking my brain right now, about the topic we were given. (sobs)...

N/B please if you have been benefitted from a writers forum, let us know. Thank you.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely wet day in Lagos.



  1. But I told you your unfinished novel was cool naa.

    Glad you finally found a writing group. I guess you will be happy

    1. loll yes my friend. and its also your encouragement that keeps me going.

  2. Also glad you found a group, it is really helpful. And thanks for the shout out :) Let's keep writing...

  3. I really want to join one but i'm so busy right now...publish some excerpts of your novel on your blog now ;-)

    1. awww i wish you can find some time. its on sunday and its once a month. I will publish some don't worry. i am just being lazy. lol