Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank God/ Novel Plan

Hello guys if you have noticed I have changed my blog's out look again.. THANK GOD.
I hated the last one, for some reason I couldn't find the icon for new post, comments etc, but now I think I will just choose the simple template and live with it. The simpler the better.
Anyways back to my last post: I talked about my characters and someone said I should give more details about the novel. This is it:

okay so the novel is about a guy that has to marry or else he will be cut off from his father's will. He doesn't want to marry, but cos he wants to be in his fathers good books he has to get married, and this is like the only favor his father has ever asked of him. All the girls he rolls with generally just want his money and his knows that. He doesn't trust them enough to keep the secret that the marriage is a sham so he has to look for a reliable, trust worthy person. This is where my heroine comes in.
She is in her mid 30's very comfortable financially, gone through all the troubles about being single and not getting married at her age from her family, so she is fed up with society in general. Even though she has a tough look she still allows society get to her. She isn't pretty but she isn't ugly either, just she is plain. A little on the plump side, not skinny and doesn't have the TO DIE FOR FIGURE..Nope... I decided to leave all the skinny girls for the runway.. don't you think.
She's got big boobs, nice full ass, like the African woman, she isn't tall, just average height.
Her striking futures :" her hair". She's got very long hair". Unusual for a Nigerian.
She is the perfect candidate as she just wants to get marry and get out of her mother's house even if it's just for a year. She feels it's better to go down in history as the lady that once was married but the marriage didn't work than oh she is an old maid and has never been married.

Now in the twist I want to add a little suspense, but I have to take into consideration that the Nigerian police isn't like the FBI, OR CIA etc.. I don't know how to work that. I don't want to use the African magic juju way.....
TO add to this along the way events takes both of them to the WORLD OF LOVE.
Now can this love withstand the test of times?

This is just a summary about the book.. I have already started working on it, but just in chapter 1.
What do you think?
Do you think the heroine should be plain or very pretty and very confident?
Do you think I should swing in the Nigerian police as being very like the CIA... mind you I need to make it look real for my Nigerian readers and not unbelievable for my non Nigerian readers.
And do you think I should add the juju factor?

Will appreciate your comments and guys this time I am finally back. You will see posts by me regularly.. I am looking at every day if God permits.
Do have a lovely day and happy thanksgiving to my American followers.



  1. Hello, thanks for stopping my blog and commenting. The hero should be pretty and confident.... please no juju factor dear, its very predictable... then again it depends on the target audience. Goodluck witb that.

  2. Good luck with the book. Can't the Nigerian police be what they are? I, for one, would read a Nigerian book in order to learn about your country and its people, including the police. I do like the simple templates for blogs. Since I live in the mountains and have satellite reception, it takes so long sometimes for the more complex formats to load. Good Luck!

  3. What she looks like is not so important as that she is happy and confident about it. No juju too, I suggest the police and write them the way they are. This is a great outline.

  4. @Inger thanks. will do that and make sure you learn a lot about Nigeria through my book. Thanks for the comments.
    @Myne Whitman k will do that and yes no juju loll. thank you.

  5. Your right simple is better.
    Make the girl ugly and not so confident and not so well off either. The more obstacles you provide the heroine the more suspense you create and the more people will relate to it and want to read more.
    Make the Nigerian police as realistic as possible. You may need to do some research into the life of a real police man. Include corruption and lots of juju factor.
    The more difficult the journey the more suspense. The more suspense the more amazing her accomplishment when she manages somehow to overcome her own obstacles.

  6. I agree with those suggesting you make the Nigerian environment (i.e. the police etc) as realistic as possible. I really enjoy books where I feel like I've learnt about a place in the process of enjoying the text.

    I find it really interesting that you felt the need to describe the physical appearance of the man, but not of the woman. Is how she looks even important?
    (Just my feminist side making comment...)

  7. A plain and confident girl would work too, and puleeez don't make the Nigerian police appear like the FBI. You may not know this, but the Nigerian police could be efficient atimes, but this is always only after they have been given a lot of bribe. You could make them efficient (but only to an extent because they still are the Nigerian police), but you have to say they were given a lot of money first. As for the juju, are you talking native doctors and sacrifices and stuff, those things still exist and your readers could appreciate it depending on what you do with it. If you are not trying to convince us that juju works but just trying to tell us a story of how someone did juju, that could go too. Just my opinion

  8. @JP thanks. hmm will think of the juju factor. i know i don't like nigerian films that center on juju. as for the police will be real about them. like your idea of actually doing a research on a real nigerian police man.
    @leema loll the heroine is my main character. don't worry girl the hero has his own weakness as well. i will reveal that as we go.
    @Sugarcoated thanks. i don't want to show that juju works just was thinking if i should squeeze it in.
    thanks guys for the suggestion really appreciate. will keep you guys posted as i write.

  9. hey ..lovely blog..i'm glad to know ur an aspiring writer like myself.I love your synopsis.But i think ur heroine should be confident and also out to gain something...probably just needs to have that status as a married woman to gain entry into some high places..a beautiful,confident and rich lady would tease the readers senses..if ur heroine is too dull for the hero,it might make the reader lose interest.
    They should try to out smart each other(without knowing the other's intentions of course).
    lovely plot..but give it that vavavoomm hot hot independent chick and equally rich and spoilt brat of a works...ouch...

    xoxo..thanks for visitng my blog dear

  10. I think you should use our naija police and their egunje loving antics. It would make it more realistic. I also agree with making the heroine super fly and confident even to the point of being cocky. The juju part, NO. We have had enough of that. Just my two cents. Nice storyline.

  11. I'm finally here. Ai, i would prefer the heroine to be plain but with a bad*ss African figure. I'd like her to be confident and comfortable in herself too. More people can relate with this as opposed to the very pretty girl always getting the hot guy. I think the pretty, rich, smoking hawt, barbie-like girl is kinda stereotypical and has been over played.

    As for juju, if it work's like "keeping faith" where it doesn't even work bcos of a counter portion, den it's fine. Would love to read the rich African elements in there tho not overplayed. And 9ja police, i'll go with Sugarcoated. Can't wait for your WIPs. Sounds like it's going to be a great read. All the best and keep us updated. And thanx for coming by my blog and commenting too