Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hello everyone.. How r u?
I hope your weekend was lovely, I had a lovely one myself, even though the electricity situation has become terrible.
Anyways a couple of my friends and I were talking about accountability. We always say there are a lot of things we need to do, for our business, family etc, but we never get to do any of these things. So we decided to be accountable to each other. I have a dear friend on my back now:
I need to produce, two wallets,
Make sure whatever money that comes into my hands, no matter how little, invest it into my little business. Cos if you wait for the millions to before you start your business, it will never come.
I also have to put up at least one blog post for this week, which I just did. loll..
Lastly I will edit at least a chapter of my book.
On Friday my phone rings, checking up on me. I hope I achieve all that I have on my plate...

Anyways do take care of yourself and have a lovely day.

p.s. Please check out lindaikeji'blog,  Thursday, April 19, 2012: "Mortein's theme song for "World malaria day". Lyrics by Cohbams and Omawumi. I must say Omawumi has such a lovely voice.

Invite: Business meeting on Saturday the 28th of April.
Venue: Ice Cream Factory, opposite Law School, Victoria Island.
Time: 2pm.
What's the purpose of the meeting: It's a platform where women in business can come together and share their worries, fears, successes, business ethics etc with fellow women. It's a platform where women can be accountable to each other. Please if interested send me a message @ tmkamson@gmail.com, and I will get back to you.



  1. It's always a good idea to have someone check up on you. from time to time! Thank God for your friends. Good luck with all you have to achieve before the week ends! :)


  2. It is good to always have someone check up on you...it keeps you on your toes and helps one achieve better results...all the best.