Monday, November 28, 2011

Working From Home

Hello everyone. How r u?
Today is a new day and a new week. I hope we are all happy.
Hmmm I can smell Christmas in the air. Can you?
Please do tell me what your plans are for this Christmas. For me I haven't even decided what I will do for Christmas, so I think I will not mind some advise.

Anyways back to the topic of today.
I talked to a friend recently in the states. As we were gisting she told me that the doctor put her on bed rest, cos of the baby's health. Quickly I asked her what she was going to do about work and she told me simply that she was going to be working from home....

Wow can you beat that.. working for home...

This can never happen in Nigeria.
I wonder when women "Rights" will be taken seriously in this darling country of mine.
I know someone who had to go back to work a day after she gave birth, cos if she didn't do that she was going to loose her job and she couldn't afford to do that, not with the economic meltdown.

I asked couldn't she have sued the company?
They replied: how could she? Who will listen to her or fight for her?

This is so sad.
I wish we had a package where people could choose to work from home.
I wish we had a package where women were given 6 to 9 months of maternity leave instead of 1 to 3 months..

I just wish.....


  1. I have seen cases here where people lost their jobs AFTER taking the so-called maternity leave. Your friend is quite lucky. I hope Nigeria catches on soon. Maybe more women in power will do the trick ... maybe.

  2. I can't smell Xmas in the air, so no plans yet. Developed countries have that as an advantage over us. In the UK for instance, maternity leave is one year. Can you beat that? We have a long way to go. As regards the woman that had to resume work a day after giving birth, does her company not grant maternity leave? I thought it was standard practice to give at least 3 months maternity leave. Na wa o.

  3. 3 months...9 months...1 year?!? Wow. Everyone i know that had a "real job" and took maternity leave it was only 2 months or less and this is in the US. But yeah, going back to work the next day...that's just crazy. The body needs time to heal and who will be taking care of the baby while you are out bringing home your co-workers germs?

  4. Wow that's crazy! I've never really thought about this until now. I hope that women's rights soon develop in your country. I am now following you. I really like the topics you bring up on your blog :)

  5. @The relentless builder can u imagine, losing their jobs. i hope the women in power will work at it.
    @che I was also very shocked when i found out that she had to go to work a day after she gave birth. and my dear you don't want to know the company she works for.
    @LadyNgo yes dear the body does needs some rest.
    @Babygtink i hope so dearie. thank you very much for following me.

  6. my opinion, I think in Nigeria people can have the option of working from home when other things improve, by other things I mean the stable electricity and connection (both internet and cellphone) because to me keeping up with those things seem to be luxury. In the states to work from home you need requirements like that so I think with time (hopefully!!!) things will balance out

  7. working from home? That will be a dream (one i wish to have, though)

  8. The maternity leave in the UK is 1 year (6 months paid, 6 months unpaid) but you have the option of returning early.

    I know people are going to hate me BUT.........I work from home most days and it's great for work/life balance especially as I have to pick up the kids at 3.30pm

    With technology, I dont see why most people cant work from home. You can even hold virtual conferences online (webinars)

    It seems a shame that employers lose so many hardworking committed women because they are not flexible. From experience, women are more loyal employers!e

    Sounds nice...but, like a typical human being, I still complain about work!

  9. @ashi i hope so too.
    @Amaka I work from home though, but that is cos i work for myself. which i must say takes guts.
    @N.I.L men i love your job you work from home at times.. You are really lucky trust me. How r u though? its been a lone time.

  10. Going back to work a day after she gave birth ?!! Goodness !! I'm a new dad, and even I who had the easier part of having the baby couldnt go back to work the day after !

    About working from home - my mum's been with us since just before the baby arrived. In that time she's seen me go to office a handful of times. She was worried about whether I really had a job or not coz it was a totally new concept to work remotely and almost choose when I go into office or not.

  11. Maternity here is usually 3 months, same as in most offices in Nigeria. Working from home here is not just about women rights, it's because the constant internet and electricity powers the connecting technology. Hubby works from home sometimes and I enjoy it.

  12. She probably got pregnnat without permission from her employees :(. Some companies tie you to a contract that you wont get pregnant or have a maternity break till you've completed 2 yrs of work. Most ladies sign the contract thinking 'nothing dey happen' till something happens.

    I wouldnt always point at the women on top, just to our lawyers. if one case goes to court and wins then a precedent is set. but till that happens, we continue...

  13. I agree with Myne. It is easier in The States and UK because of the availability of resources to enable them to work from home which are almost none existent in Nigeria.
    I have heard of that type of case too, Ginger! And while initially I was like worrahell?! I later realised that that company once had like 3 or 4 of their female staff go on maternity around the same time...It wasnt funny for them