Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello everyone.
I had this picture taken almost two weeks ago but I had been so busy thats y it is coming up sorry.
This is what happened two wednesdays ago, cos of the rain on my way to ikeja.
I was shocked.
Thank God it is an office complex and nobody was there when the rain fell.
This shouldn't happen if we have good building inspections".
I can't even imagine what it would have been like if there were people living in this building.

Anyways just saying hi and thank you all for your comments on my bag and my wedding anniversary post..

A second bag coming soon...


  1. Very shocking indeed. Thank God no one was in the building.

  2. Yes, it is shocking. It's rare I ever think about the construction of the buildings I'm in. A reminder of how fragile life is.

  3. Building inspections. One day we would get there. Amen

  4. Hmm, I say a loud AMEN to @Sugarcoated's prayer

  5. @Myne whitman thank God oh.
    @Bellavida very true.
    @sugarcoated hmm i pray so.
    @dayor me too.
    @toinlicious yep