Thursday, December 3, 2009

Money! Money! Money!

Goodafternoon girls! What did you have for lunch today? Its lunch time and am sure everybody is craving for a nice, delicious meal this afternoon. As for me I have to hold my stomach tight and close my nose to the smell of food. Do you know why? Don't worry I will explain.... I hope you haven't forgotten about the reading room I told you about? That's were I am everyday chating with lilies world wide. Now in that reading room they have a restaurant by the side, their food always looks very apertizing, but why I dont go there to eat, the resturant is expensive sure your laughing at me. So i keep my long throat to myself everyday until i get home, where i prepare something to eat.......okay enough about me lets talk about again see I told you I will come back again to this topic and I sure did.......... okay now let's start.......
Like I said money is a very powerful tool. It is used as a medium of exchange. In my search for being my own boss, financial investment and all, I have a learnt a lot and am still learning.
I just found this out: according to a diagram by Kim Kiyosaki, there is a diffenrence between a self employed person and a business owner. Now in this diagram; which is called the CASHFLOW QUADRANT, there are four letters which represents different categories. We have the letters E,S,B,I.....
The letter 'E' stands for employee, 'S' stands for self-employed, 'B' stands for Business Owner and 'I' stands for investor. Now if I ask which category do you want to fall into?
We all know that an employee dosen't have a say where he or she works. He/she is at the mercy of his/her boss and they have to take and obey orders.For the self- employed examples could be doctors, accountants, beauticians....... now let's take the beautician, the beautician owns the salon and she works in the salon. If she falls sick for a week her salon doesn't run for that week. If she decides to take a vacation for a month, the salon doesn't run for the whole one month. She cannot leave her salon for anything, she has to be there for it to run.
The most interesting part is the B's i.e. the business owners............ For them weather they go on a vacation for one month or not their money works for them. They do not neccessary have to be there for their business to run. Wherever they are in the world their money works for them. As for the investor their money is even working harder for them...... now i ask again what category will you like to belong to??????????
As for me I love the idea of my money working for me, if it even works harder i won't complain.
Now we come to the question room: ' How do we get there? How do we be the B's or the I's in the world? How can we invest in a safe venture? Who is going to support me? Do you think I am cut out for this world of investment and money? For me money issues are left to my husband I don't bother about it? I am scared I will loose all my money? The questions go on and on.......
like I said earlier the most difficult thing in life to do; 'is to start something', be it a business, a family, a new job,........whatever it is difficult...........
For me a while ago I decided I was going to be my own boss. I won't tell you that it has been easy or I am now a muilt billionaire, no? Not yet but I will get there. The most important thing is that I feel fulfilled I have started following my dreams and goals....
Nothing good comes like magic trust me, it takes a while but it will definetly come. If you read the book of proverbs you'll find out that God loves the diligent and he rewards them.
Do not let procastination weigh you down, start now; whatever it is you want to do, just make sure its legal, Godly and it gives you joy.
Its been so nice talking to you once again,before I say bye i'll leave you with some woods of wisdom:

'You can have it all. You just can't have it all at one time.' - Oprah Winfrey

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