Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Experience during the Experience

Hello lilies! Its been a while. Am so sorry we couldn't talk I have been so busy and guess what? I broke down from stress. Doctor's advice just rest and stay off the computer.... so I had no choice but to shut down for a while. Anyways I hope your glad that am back.... today I will like to talk about my experience during the experience. Everybody in Nigeria, saw at one time the advert of the experience...... my friend came into town and we both decided to go for the experience. All our efforts to get the VIP tickets....didn't work...although we started very late to lobby( pls dont mind us ohhhhh). Anyways we left the house at about 12.30 for a program that was to start by I thought we were very early, only to get there and find out that some people came there as early as 7 a.m. to get a space. From about 1p.m till 6p.m when the sun came down we were under the hott sun, and you no that for the past few days Lagos has been unusally hot, I guess its because of the so called global climate change. From 6p.m it was very difficult to get into TBS. but I found out that all those that had the VIP tags just showed their tags and they were allowed to go to their section. They already had seats assigned to them, so they did not have to come very early to keep a seat or something. In their section it was so easy to see the stage, the musicians and I learnt that sometimes you got the opportunity of speaking to the muiscians. OHH imagine me talking to had a separate toilet which was clean and was actually very great and well organised for them... pease don't get me wrong for the general public they tried their best. .....
Now as for me, cos of the crowd trying to get in and the security fighting them off, it was impossible to get to the toilet or go get something to drink if one was thirsty. As at 4p.m i had the urge to ease my self but i couldn't move an inch, my dears I didnt ease my self till 8a.m. the following morning when I got home. But after all my experience the program was a hit...TBS was full to the brim and they had an over flow. I was so surprised. It struck me then, that when one honestly hears from God, and does what God says he should do, he/she will succeed.
For me I decided there and then that in life I was going to do VIP all the way. I love the VIP treatment, and that's what I want. God told Abraham that he will give him alll the good things of life and so will He do for me. I know that one of the ways to get VIP treatment is when you have money....i dont mean stolen money, i mean money you have worked hard for and its working harder for you...... this is one of my strong reason for wanting to be finacially independent.
In the book 'Rich WOman' ' by kim kiyosaki she said you can only achieve financial freedom, when you have a strong desire why you want to be Financially free....... for me I have a lot but one of my strong desire why I want to be fiancially free is be treated like a queen were ever i go to on the face of this earth..... what about you?
I have purposely left a lot of my strong reason, to give you an opportunity to tell me your reason for wanting financial freedom........
At this point i will say goodbye and i love you all, later lilies.
Notez bien: we will talk about financial freedom next time we meet.

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  1. dearest lily,
    why i want to be financially free?
    men, there are lots and lots of responsibilities. i want to save the world around and me and water wont do that for me, pure money is the raw material.
    why i want to be financially free?
    i want to give to my children the best they can get to be the best, so that they can inturn give their best, so their best will inturn produce their own best.... Investing is it, and i need money to do just that.
    To be financially free, is to be a christian, the way God intended it and so for this also, i want to be FINANCIALLY FREE, and lily ibif, I WILL, BY GOD!