Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hello lilies, its so good to be able to chat once again. I love it so much and am sure you do. its our gossip anyways i said we will continue our discussion about money, but i have decided to put it on a hold for now, and lets talk about something else. Something very cruical i learnt about this morning and I can't help but sharing it with y'all.........
I have learnt that for a relationship to work, i mean a relationship between a man and a woman, there needs to be respect. Why is it that men crave for respect a lot? Why is it so important for a wife to be respectful to her husband,even when he has hurt her? because of the why's and why's and why's ....
i had to do a little research using my husband and i, wait a minute let me tell you a little about my husband. My husband is a very quiet man,and doesn't like to fight. Its so easy for him to say sorry even when he is not at fault......but there was one thing he said to me, after we had some little you know nowwwww, he said you can get anything in this world you want, if you will only respect me.
I asked him what he meant and he said,: if i know you respect me i can give you the whole world. If its possible i can bring the moon to you. He told me that men love to be treated with respect. Am not saying that you have to treat him like a tyrant or someone you are afraid of. No!!!!!!
I think what he just meant was that if women will stop treating their husbands like their younger brothers then they will be more happy at home. If they will just stop nagging, they will dwell in peace.....
It dawned on me then that, men crave for respect. That's how God created them......
Note this: if a man knows that his wife respects and believes in him he can accomplish what Metuselah couldn't accomplish........
A lot of times especailly during a quarrel, we as women talk a lot. Its common knowledge that we are prone to talking as women, in fact before our husbands say one word, we have said ten words in the space of a second. A lot of times our words are like arrows, shot only for the aim of destruction.
I was reading James 3 today and James said that the tongue is very small but very powerful. The tongue is what we use to praise God and rain abuses on man. This is not right..........don't forget this: 'anything said can never be taken back'. That is why it is very important to mind what we say to people, especially our husbands. If we talk less and listen more we will find out that we will have a more peaceful home, our husbands will see us as very respectful wives and delight in us.
Please let's learn to control how tongue. Join me in my campaign against talking too much.
you can do it. From today try to listen more and talk less'. Learn to keep quiet your mouth shut and please when ever there is a quarrel between your partner and you, don't highlight his faults. In fact listen for once and keep quiet, and when you do finally speak, talk in a very calm tone.
I hope i have been able to get through to you positively. Let this be our motto as lilies: talk less and listen more.
Do take care and have a lovely evening....let me give you a tip.......if your married, try something new today..............surprise your husband, and please let me know the outcome.
For the single ladies don't think i have forgotten you, dont worry you' re almost there.........try this.......start now to talk less and listen, it will be your best tool in marriage.
Goodbye and take care

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