Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Advice To A Dear Friend

Hi people!!!! Today will like to say a big welcome to UgoDre Obi Chukwu and Mbabazi of Uganda. Welcome to the secretlilies family and I am so happy that you have become one of us. I love your blog Mbabazi and I am so excited, maybe because you are a follower all the way from Uganda..loll. This is an example of the biens of transformative technology.
Thank you once again and to the followers of secretlilies, thank you for sticking with me.

Also before I forget: a special thank you to my hubby for taking out time to read my blog, even though you still haven't become a follower (loll), I am pleased.
I love you.

Now the gist for today.... something happened between a close friend of mine and I. Something hat caused a dispute. Will I say I was at fault? No I wasn't for if you ask me she was.

For something so little she took it to the extreme and when I say to the extreme I mean to the extreme. For instance because of this little episode she has concluded that I don't love her. How can she when all I do is try to make her do the right thing... I know you will I God? But HEY what kind of friend am I who never speaks the truth?

Why do we flare up? is it because we are genuinely angry or is it because we are actually angry at our selves?
Why do we always misunderstand what the next person says?
Why is it that when the HUBBY wants to watch a game, instead of being with us, we feel that HE doesn't love us?
Why must we always allow the devil to play with our minds, when we know that all he does is to destroy?
Why do we find it difficult to listen, to say sorry, to cry, to admit we are wrong? Why?

Genuinely in my work through forgiveness I have learnt that being the first to forgive, to say I am sorry, to admit that I was wrong doesn't make me any less of a man or woman, but shows the world that I am strong. i am a diva and I am a man.

I speak today with great concern in my heart, I wish my friend will stop and listen, listen to what people are TRULY saying about her, and then reconcile with herself that she can never be right all the time.

I wish she will just learn that in other to have fun and enjoy life here on earth, one has to try to live at peace with each other.
I wish she will learn that fighting is not the way. As much as possible avoid fights, and seek the path of peace.

Right now I am so scared for I feel deep down in my heart that if and when she reads this she will flare up again and tell the whole world what a bad friend I am...

Don't think like that my dear,
I love you this is why I am doing this.
I love you this is why i will tell you the truth
And lastly any friend that never tells you (my friend) the truth is not your friend.


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  1. true that> it hurts sometimes but as friends we always need to be honest and show some tough