Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Sunday

Hi guys today church was fantastic. I learnt to love God with all my heart. lol I am not saying that I have immediately acquired the virtue but I am practicing it and hey I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me"....
A new week has started, today is my parents 29th wedding anniversary and I am like whoa!!!!! time waits for no man, when did they marry, have kids and now 29 years...whoa..... It just got me thinking my birthday will be in 3 days, on wednesday. HMMM!!!! My birthday is usually a day I look back at my life and say to myself what have you done with yourself.... What goals have you achieved.... A lot just goes through my mind but I know that I will make it and I am strong not weak.
This week my goals are: I will be the best wife to my husband. I am working at making my marriage work for the better...Hey don't get me wrong, I love my marriage but I want it to be better, always get better not go dry....loll..if you know what I mean...
2. I will be good to people, avoid conflicts and try to give alms to the poor.
3. Go out of my way to help someone in need.
so help me God.

P.s: " I hope this week you have goals, like mine or similar and will work towards achieving it...
shhhhh don't tell anybody I am going to shop for my birthday....Whoa go spend the money girl....
Chat later...


  1. this week i will be nice to people no matter what. Also i will start making cards for the holidays.

  2. good choice Mbabazi. Thinking of christmas gifts for family and friends. thank you for commenting and do keep in touch.