Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Godmother Of Cocaine Gunned Down/Griselda Blanco

About a week ago, I saw this head line on yahoo page and thought it interesting. For me I had only know about godfathers and drug lords not godmother of cocaine, so I googled as I always do, for more information. Lo and behold, a woman named Griselda Blanco born on the 15th of February, 1943 in Cartagena Colombia, was known as the godmother of cocaine. Well she was gunned down, September 3, 2012 in Medellin, Colombia at age 69. She even did live long for a world with so much violence attached to it.

You will not believe that this lady had four kids, today only the last of her sons, which she named Michael Corlene in tribute to the godfather trilogy, is alive. She had these kids for her three husbands, whom she ended up assassinating. According to the DEA she was responsible for 250 murders potentially including three of her husbands. Even though she was arrested and served almost a decade in jail, they couldn't pin any murder to her, as the evidence was being tampered with. So after a decade of being in jail she was released, even though she was still running her drug cartel from her prison cell. It was said that she would kill anybody that tried to double cross her, in fact she killed for whatever reason and wasn't sympathetic about it. She was an inspiration in the drug world and was making close to $8 million every week in cash.

I will not tell a lie, when I read about Griselda a part of me was impressed or should I say amazed. I guess all the emotions ran through me. For me I thought for a woman, she really did succeed in a male infested organisation. Also I always will attribute the wild life of drugs and killings to men, but here is a woman who was called the godmother and was feared by both males and females alike.

Anyways after reading her history I was shocked that she grew so cold hearted within years of her being born into this world. Her first murder was committed when she was 10 years old in Colombia, she had an abusive mother, as well. By age 14 she had gotten into prostitution,etc.

If I could have had an interview with her I would have asked her whether it devastated her when she found out her sons were dead (drug related deaths). I would ask her, how she could kill her three husbands? Didn't she love them? The fathers of her kids, cos they doubled crossed her? and still live to be 69.

 Well I guess determination is the key to everything. But I will not do anything that will jeopardize the lives of my kids or other people.

N/B: Just thinking what it would have been like if Griselda was a female advocate, fighting for the rights of women? She would have been a formidable force.

Let me know what you think. Do take care of yourself and .have a lovely day.



  1. Griselda?? fighting for rights of women?? do the math. more dead men i suppose..i read it too after which i re-watched God Father1,2,3. with what she has been exposed to,what i read about her doesn`t amaze me . Shes Tough & thats it.The society created and unleashed the monster in her.

    1. very true society really created and unleashed the monster in her.

  2. are you serious?!!!!!...she did all of that?! along with ur line of thought. imagine if she directed that towards helping women and etc, am wondering what would be altho am LOLing @didi's Point of View.
    she lived a pathetic life sha...cant even point to the impact she made in life. its sad that she lived a wasted life

  3. Lool, she is a Don-corleone wannabe.

    Do you know why it was so easy for her to do all that? Cos she has a icebox where her heart used to be.

    Once you have no heart again, then you become someone to be feared, cos you can do and undo, and you won't be moved.

  4. ummm...agree with @ilola...
    such a pathetic story

  5. It is indeed I read with utter disbelief, one I found so imaginable, and that is me, who has read a ton of books!
    What a pathetic life! I saw a picture of this woman when she was younger, she is very could people live such a life? Man or woman alike? Eh, how??
    They that live by the sword die by the sword. I am sure she knew that her violent end would also come one day. I doubt she was ever relaxed. So sad.
    I also understand what you mean when you said to imagine if such a dedication were given to a good cause, the sad truth is that some people can only excel at doing the wrong thing, well I guess because they truly believe in what they are doing.

    1. I also read this with utter disbelief as well

  6. Wounded people wounding others, hmmm

  7. Wow! Am amazed...she would have definitely been a formidable force if she had a good heart.