Monday, June 20, 2011

Free Gift to my 100TH follower

Hello everyone. Wishing you a happy new week.
I just checked my blog yesterday and I realized that I had 100 followers. I am so excited and I will like to say thank you to all my faithful followers. You are the backbone of this blog.
Thank you for your comments, they are so encouraging. Trust me, the comments really encourage me...If you know what I mean...

The red brooch is an original pattern of mine. It's crocheted with our local Nigeria yarn. The brooch is used to add spice to one's dress, tops, etc, which gives one a different look. It is available for sale in whatever colour and can be made in whatever size you wish. It can also be delivered to you house, wish however attracts an extra charge. (this is within Nigeria)

Now to my 100Th follower: this brooch, which embellishes any fabric and gives it a magical look, is yours. I am a sucker for red, but you can let me know what colour you want it and it will be yours.

Her blog is, her blog name is Enybee.
So Enybee congrats for being my 100Th follower.

The picture was taken as usual by " Bolaji Kamson
Model: as usual: Ibifiri Mobolaji Kamson..
Venue: Somewhere of Adeola Odeku, I think its Jay Jay Okocha's hangout... Told my hubby to take a picture of Jay Jay Okocha's and he just looked at me like.....what ...plsss...Oh well at least I saw a star..loll...

A little photography tip: " this picture was shoot raw and not worked on. This is because the settings of the camera, the composition, the lighting's where in order. Giving the graphics designer little or no work. As a photographer one needs to be able to take lovely pictures raw. This is what makes you a good photographer"....

Notez Bien: " A lot more accessories available very soon...

Please if you will like to order a brooch like what I have on my dress, just send me a mail or call me : 08033410178, send me a text or just drop a comment and I will get back to you.

Do take care and have a lovely week



  1. You are welcome..i`m happy & proud to say i practice safe stalking lol. Your 100th follower just landed her self a new stalker! that's moi :)

  2. Nice picture Phiri, love the red on the white..

  3. I LOVE the brooch! We are doing a silent auction for our local women's shelters in December and I would love for you to consider donating one for the cause. Email me if you are interested:


  4. The brooch looks great, will surely be getting one when I'm in naija. Congrats to Enybees, and to you too on your first 100, more to come.

  5. You look so ethnic and cute...congrats girl, more to come.

  6. yhu look absolutely fab,congrats to enybees,love yhur blog.

  7. waitttt,yhu are married???? Autchhhhh
    So surprisedddd,wow
    Now following!!?

  8. Hi Tamuno, ‎​[τ̲̅н̲̅a̲̅nκ̲̅ ч̲̅o̲̅u̲̅] so much. This is my third comment and I dunno why mine's not appearing.

    Ok(official speech,cough) lol I feel so honoured to be your 100th follower and to be awarded with a lovely brooch. I have not received such a lovely ‎​gift in a long time so I would L♥√ع a black colored brooch cos I love black things. Though the red is awesome, black with polka dots or just a plain will do.

    My email is and my number: 07065561595. Thank ‎​you and God bless ‎​you amen. :D(end of speech) LOL

  9. @Meredith thank you so much.
    @Myne Whitman don't worry will definitely keep one for you. Just let me know when you come in.
    @Yankeenaijababe thank you.
    @Gretel yes i am married...loll... thanks.
    @enybee-hub i have your details and i will make a black one for you. Will let you know when it is ready.

  10. Lovely blog, great posts and the followers are not a mistake!

    I love the brooch!Lovely blog, great posts and the followers are not a mistake!

    I love the brooch!

  11. Nice Brooch. Loving the hair too. And congratulations on your 100th follower, Enybee.

  12. @Phiri, I want a red brooch for me :(