Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome To Lagos

Hello everybody:
saying thank you once again for your nice comments and advices, I feel better. Now I am ready to conquer the world, by His grace.
Today my gist is about this young Najia dude oh, who they call the Scavenger (Eric Oboh)... The young dude who was featured on the BBC documentary entitled " Welcome to Lagos"...which was aired on BBC2 in the United Kingdom (UK), on April 15.

Much as I do not like the way CNN and BBC often depict Africa, Nigeria as a poverty stricken place, where nothing good can be found and poverty as our watch word.. I learnt something from this documentary...
This dude the Scavenger who was born 1 December, 1980 in Ajekunle Lagos, Nigeria was featured in the documentary, like I said earlier a Scavenger who works and lives in a dumpsite, on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria.

Occupation: he collects recyclable materials and sells them. Whatever he gets from the sale he saves them. He uses it to buy studio time in order to produce a music album.

Since this documentary, he has become very famous. A lot of sites have been set up to help promote his music. So please check his facebook page, download his song from itunes.

He has also featured in articles about "Welcome To Lagos" in the Observer, The Independent & the London Metro...

I also heard this gist that he was in London recently singing for a crowd of about 5ooo......hmmm what do you think?

For me his story makes me realize that really my hubby was right. There are people out there who have worse problems than you have, and they still have hope. I know I don't have to live in the dumpsite......

Then again I am so impressed with this Scavenger's determination.

I now know for certain that anything can be achieved, how?...In different ways...But when goals are set and it is attacked judiciously, it will be achieved.

Conclusion: Nobody has an excuse not to succeed in this life

P.S: links to the Scavenger...BBC2 documentary...

Note: Please Nigeria is not all about crime, corruption, poverty, slums..etc...Nigeria has its good side too.....and besides every country has its good and bad......

It is time for us Nigerians, Africans world wide to tell our own stories...



  1. Hello, I'm happy to be here. I will reply your email soon. I so much agree about us telling our own stories. I also watched that documentary and was so happy for that young man. It shall be well with all of us.

  2. Oh thank you Myne Whitman I am so happy. I bought your book yesterday. will read it and waiting for your mail. Thank you.