Monday, November 30, 2009

Proverbs 18:22

Hello lilies! How was your weekend/ hoilday? it was fantastique i guess. As for me i had fun like i told you yesterday my friends came into town, so we painted Lagos red......... shhhhhhhhhhh dont mind me am just kidding.......................I had fun without painting the town red. Anyways today as i was taking my usual walk round the estate this verse came to mind...proverbs 18:22...... please read this interesting story......
A young, established, rich, famous and influential man and his wife were on their on his way to a party,on their way they had to buy gas for the car. As their driver pulled over into the filling station the wife looked out the window, to her surprise she recognized the young man selling gas. He was her ex-boyfriend, her high school sweetheart (if you know what i mean). After getting gas the couple continued on their journey as was expected she told her husband what she had just discovered. Her husband's reply: ' sweetheart i think you should be very grateful that you got married to me. If you hadn't you will have been the wife of that pump guy. I mean the wife of a fuel attendant.............the wife's reply..............
No honey! if i hadn't married you, you would have been the fuel attendant, standing over there selling fuel and the fuel attendant would have been over here, sitting in the back seat of this limo buying this point the man remembered this passage : ' whoso findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from the LORD'.
As women God has made us very useful in the lives of our husbands, our homes and our society. If we know how precious we are, we will not take trash from anyone. Listen its not behind a successful man there is a woman but besides every successful man there is a woman. When a man finds a woman automatically he obtains favour from God. God doesn't go down on his word and He is not a man that He should lie. Use this as your weapon in time of huddles and when it is 'situation time'.
As i looked at this scripture i realised that for everything that happens to your husband, you are almost 100% responsible for it. You are to be his council. You are to be his comforter here on earth, you are the shoulder he leans on. You are his greatest cheerleader and supporter. You support his dreams and goals and help him build it. You are his prayer warrior. ( Stormie Omartian the author of 'the power of the praying wife' said this: as a wife your prayers have the strongest hold on your husband. It is even stronger than that of his mother'). The power God has given a woman over her husband is very great and should be used wisely. If used according to the will of God, there will be great wonders in the home, family and society.
As you pray talk to God and remind him of his word in Proverbs, because of you, your husband obtains and will continue to obtain favour forever till Jesus comes.
note this: Warren Buffet now the richest man in the world with $65billion, says that HIS WIFE IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HIM'. let that be our portion in Jesus Name.

Take care of your selves, I love you and will be back tomorrow.

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