Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Check This Out

Before I started the process on how to make bags, I had a business plan of how I was going to build an empire, in fact my starting cost was so huge that Temi told me I wasn't serious....IMAGINE.

Over the years I have learnt that nothing comes easy. With all the glamor that comes with fashion one will think that its as easy as ABC: well that's not true.

According to Tiffany Amber: the fashion industry is hard work, harder than you think, you've got to have the passion to stay there no matter what

I loooove fashion accessories and I love making them.... I may not be perfect but I am getting there. With this I present to you: Ami Clutch

This clutch bag is uniquely dyed and hand crafted from start to finish.

The first time I tried dyeing, it was a disaster, I considered giving up, but like everything you get better with practice.

I hope you like it.

For orders call 08094440178 or send me an email:

Take care of yourself and have a good night's rest.


P.S. Yosola is 7 months today can you believe it?


  1. Oh my! That is just beautiful. I know you'll be a success!

  2. thank you kay. really appreciate it.

  3. This is really beautiful...all the best.

  4. A beautiful clutch bag. I love the colour and design concept. Congrats!

  5. Double thumbs up Ibi.

    So funny, d'you know I needed a small purse over the weekend and I started googling tutorials and eventually came up with two concepts which I crafted using scraps on 'Betty' Saturday evening.

    More power to your elbow.

    1. wow that is nice. you are very creative my friend. keep it up.

  6. Lovely design.. Keep it up.

    Yosola must be a big girl now oh..:)

    1. thank you. yes she is a big girl now and very active at that.