Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Marketing and Giving

Hi folks!! Hope everything is k.
Today I decided to deviate a little bit from the inequality in Nigeria and talk about business.

Watching daytime TV in America has made me realize that Americans can advertise. OMG... This even makes me remember a comment Myne whitman posted. She said that her mother complained about the same thing. Even though it can get tiring, it baffles me that big companies like Walmart, Macys, Cocacola etc, make sure they market their products. Why do they spend millions of dollars on advertisements, when they are one of the strongest brands in the world?

 I think the reason is that they don't want you to ever forget that they are there/around. They want you to know that they will always be around if they can afford it. They try not to let it get into their heads that they are to big to be pulled down. This is a very good lesson for new business owners and vice versa. No matter how big your company is never forget to always be out there. When you get to the top is it very hard to stay there, cos you have a lot of competitors.

Millions of companies and people want to get to where you are. This also goes hand in hand with talents and careers. Not because you were the best in your field last year, there is a garantie that you will remain the best next year. If you don't keep on improving yourself you will never get better, only go stale. I always say this:

Micheal Phelps says no matter the day, the time, the whether, if its a holiday etc, he makes sure that he must swim. Talk about improving oneself. 

My question: why is it that when Nigerian companies stop advertising when they presume they have become the big names in the industry? In fact they actually think that they have arrived and leave the adverts for the smaller companies. Like I am trying to remember the last time a Nigerian product was in my face.

Secondly I will like to talk about giving: " I hear that in America as kids you are taught to give. What a lot of the companies have in common is giving. A lot of them give to society, help the community etc. You hear stories of children getting scholarships to go to schools, or companies rebuilding a community that was just stuck down by fire, hurricane etc.

My question: why is it difficult for companies in Nigeria to give. Will it hurt if 5o children are given scholarships? Will it hurt if a whole community is rebuilt and maintained properly, after all the resources you get, you get it from the community. I remember how long it took, The oil company to give the bonny community 24/7 electricity. Fights between the Nigerians that only wanted to get the money into their pockets, the companies wanting to run away from it.....

Lesson learnt: " no matter how little, one should give, and one should start now. Cos its a circle. Once you give you receive.
It's time Nigerian companies start giving. Its time we forget about our government and work to make our nation better.

I hope I didn't blab today, but passed the message across.

P.S: "please this is not a means to insult any company. We all are guilty of not giving, from our governement-compaines and citizens. And I will like to use this opportunity to say thank you to the Nigerian companies who have started giving back to soceity.

N/B: there is a garage sale on the 15th of September, 2012
Venue: Bibi's cottage, Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1,
Items for sale: Vintage items clothes, shoes, accessories, books and so much more.
Time: 10 am.
All proceeds go to Bethesda Child support Agency and other Charitable causes.

Please if you are in Lagos and free do go and buy something. Your purchase will help a child.



  1. You still haven't told me your number in the US so I can call. You nailed me. These are some of the points my mum is taking away too. I hope Nigerian companies will soon begin to do better to the people they market to. Imagine the rubbish MTN aeroplane gamble? Pshewww..

    1. awww i will send it to you. my phone just crashed so i have to sort it out. i can only imagine the MTN aeroplane gamble..

  2. "Not because you were the best in your field last year, there is a garantie that you will remain the best next year. If you don't keep on improving yourself you will never get better, only go stale"...Thank you. That is all

  3. no dearie, you were not blabbing, u were so on point and you're right
    see michael phelps...who would have known the guy would come to the olympics this year again..
    giving...its good to give though i must confess its not easy
    thanks fr sharing

    1. thank you. yes i must admit giving isnt easy.

  4. yes its good to give
    haar...those companies that keep advertising know what they're doing big time and they want to remain on top...they know what the competition market is capable of
    yea...that MTN advert of an aeroplane is so senseless and annoying
    and yet we still have network problems.
    ff u already

  5. I beg to disagree.

    Nigerian companies advertise. Which companies advertise on local TV stations? Are they not mostly Nigerian companies? I know you personally, and I have an idea of the TV stations you watch, lol. So maybe that is why you don't think Nigerian companies advertise.

    Also, Nigerian companies give. The sponsor too. Check the newspapers. The promos, the literary sponsor, etc.

    We might not be on the scale of US, but Nigerian companies do some of their part.

  6. Nigerian companies do advertise and a number do their bit under the aegis of corporate social responsibility....A number the oil companies, Lever brothers, Dangote I think.
    The bigger problem is which charities to work with..or should i say a lack of creative ideas from them on how to give back.
    I do agree that we lack a giving culture in Nigeria..giving back isn't for the rich as many think.

  7. Alot to clarify but its all TACTIC.
    About the giving thingy u mentioned. it is referred to as CSR corporate social responsibility. I studied it as part of a module in my degree. CSR is a way of showing social responsible behaviour towards the society, community etc etc. This can take many forms including sponsorship, green marketing etc etc. This is mostly a strategic move by giant businesses or SME's to improve reputation, to maintain interest, to attract potential investors i.e. shareholders, to build their company profile, to maintain market share and image etc etc. Most them do it according to law, i.e. pressure groups that lobby with the government and some of them do it based on moral/ethical beliefs of the founder or organisational culture.

    I can go on and go but do BE SURE its a TACTIC, SO its tit for tat.

    I do believe Nigerian COMPANIES ADVERTISE verrryyyy well. Its been awhile since been home but all the songs and commercials are part of my childhood memories. So, am sure not sure if they have stopped right now, but the electrical issue in NIGERIA how many people go fit see the COMMERCIAL?? So you have to think about the millions of money pumped into TV Adverts are costly and if it aint bringing RETURN ON CAPITAL..WHY? ADVERTISE ON TVS.... when there are other economical means like BILLBAORDS, SOCIAL NETWORKS etc etc.

    BESIDES, soap operas etc need TV ads and sponsorship's...

    let me stop here before I write a whole post, if i havent done so already.lol