Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Review Continues

IMAGINATION.... "The workshop of the mind"
It is a common saying that if you can imagine it, if you can visualize it, then you can achieve it. Guess what we are back to the power of the mind and faith...loll....

What I Will Do If I Had a Million Dollars.....

A true story about a beloved educator and clergy man, late Frank W. Gunsaulus who began his preaching career in the stockyards region of Chicago. While Frank W. Gunsaulus was going through college he observed many defects in the educational system, so he envisioned, imagined, made up his mind to have a college where he would be the head and he can change the educational system, without being handicapped by orthodox methods of education. Good idea, and a well thought out plan, but he had one hurdle he needed a million dollars for his project. Where was he going to get that money? This was his question, every day. Every night he went to bed thinking of how to accomplish his plans. He took it with him wherever he went.. He imagined it every time he had then opportunity, he was obsessed by it.

Gunsaulus realized that definiteness of purpose is the starting point from which one must begin. He recognized, too, that definiteness of purpose takes on animation, life, purpose when backed by a burning desire to translate that purpose into its material equivalent.

Knowing that in truth there was no way he was going to get that money. The natural proceedure will be for him to quit.......oh well its a good idea but you have to just leave it alone, but he didn't. He set out to preach a sermon the following morning entitled... " What I Would Do If I Had A Million Dollars". For him it wasn't hard for he had spent almost 2 years thinking, imagining, envisioning his dream. The next day he went into the bathroom, read the sermon, then knelt on his knees and asked that the sermon might come to the attention of someone who would supply the needed money. While praying he had the assurance that his request will come through. In his excitement he forgot his sermon, and didn't realize the oversight until he was on the pulpit. It was too late to go and get the sermon papers........his subconscious mind came into action. He closed his eyes and spoke from his heart and soul of his dreams. According to him he not only talked to his audience, but he fancied he talked also to God. He described the plans he had for the school. A school where young people would learn to do pratical things, and at the same time develop their minds.

After his sermon a man walked up the pulpit and said, " Reverend, I liked your sermon. I believe you can do everything you said you would, if you had a million dollars. To prove that I believe in you and your sermon, if you will come to my office tomorrow morning, I will give you the million dollars. My name is Phillip D. Armour.

Gunsaulus went to Mr Amour's office and the million dollars was presented to him. With the money he founded the Armour Institute of Technology, now known as IIIinois Instutute of Technology....

Note this: " Gunsaulus got the million dollars within thirty-six hours after he reached a definite decision. "Imagination, visualization + definiteness = Goals or dreams achieved...

Do have a nice week and remember everything you set your heart to do is possible...Anyone can do anything, become anything either good or bad.....



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  5. Word!!! This was a great read, what made it even more amazing for me is the fact that it is a real story.
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