Friday, November 9, 2012

Ralph Lauren

Hi guys, I am digressing today from the motherhood journey... back to business.
I was browsing a few days ago and stumbled upon a huge donation by Ralph Lauren and I decided to look up the guy. I have always loved his brand but never read anything about him. Its a good thing I researched cos I liked what I found out about him...

Ralph Lifschitz born October 14, 1939, the youngest of 4 children, wanted to be a professional basketball player or an artist like his father. As a teenager Ralph changed his name to Lauren because he was teased in school since his last name had shit in it. In school Ralph was known for selling ties to his fellow classmates. When asked what he wanted to do in his Clinton year book he said he wanted to be a millionaire. He didn't attend fashion school, but he worked for Brook Brothers as a salesman. At age 26 Ralph designed a wide range of European-style neckties, and with a lot of determination, he eventually sold to Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's.

In 1971 less than five years, he opened a Polo boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills making him the first American designer with a freestanding store. A hard worker the brand Polo grew into a very strong brand. Today his net worth $7.5billion dollars and he is the 122nd richest man in the world according to Forbes..

But you know everyone has his/her own obstacles to overcome, in 1986 Ralph was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent a surgery. His brush with death increased his determination to become bigger and stronger, and he has been able to that. Today the Polo brand is a very strong brand.

On June 11, 1997 Polo Ralph Lauren became a public company traded on the NewYork Stock Exchange under the symbol RL. By 2003, Polo has over 35 stores all over the United States.

Its amazing how someone can grow from grass to grace. what stood out for me was his ability to distinguish is style. At the time he started producing his ties, they weren't in vogue, people didn't wear ties like that, but he stuck with his designs and it paid off. Its funny even designer Calvin Klein said when he was a child in the Bronx, he would see Ralph and think, "who is this person? Who dresses like that?"

Note to self: when you have found what your hands can do, do it. Over look the obstacles on the way, at the end you will prevail.

Secondly always learn to give back to your community,  (if I didn't see the donation I may never have checked him out)

P.S. "Ralph is married and has three children. HIs daughter owns a candy store in New York.. (It is said to be one of the largest in the world). who knows I just might check it out some day.

Got to run. Do have a lovely day and thanks once again for your comments.




  1. Inspiring stuff! Dtermination always pays in the end. We all should know that and stick with it. Thanks for this exposition. It made my morning! How's Yosola?

  2. no worries. Yosola is fine thank you.

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