Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Mushin Journey

A new friend. She makes bags with something like wire. This bag is "hers" and she offers some classes if you are interested.
A lot of synthetic leather. I was spoilt for choice.
Traders busy. U can't believe how busy this place can be, and they don't sell food.
Nobody to pay to carry your load, so u carry yourself. So heavy. No sissy in this market ....Hello everyone...

I know I had said I would have a second blog, where the details of my handbag's journey will be told little by little, but I was advised by a friend, just stick with "secretlilies" and in future I can recreate my blog and accommodate all my endeavors. I think I will just stick to secretlilies since I will be so busy and not sure I will have the time to manage two blogs.
Alors "secretlilies" will be a blog for all. My musings, business secrets, motivational stories, a little about myself, and my handbag making journey. Alors just seat back, relax and enjoy the ride.

My handbag making journey began on wednesday when I went to the market, Mushin market to be precise. For those who do not know the market : Mushin Market is a market for leather wears. Everyone that works with with leather visits this market regularly or so I am told. I was to meet my mentor (who refused to take any picture), at the AP filing station in muslin, by 10.30 a.m. I took a cab for the whole day ( The cab guy was just lamenting about the lack of business because of summer and the Salah holidays. Meaning that a lot of Lagosians travel out of the country during summer.. na wa oh and we say we do not have money in this country). Sorry to digress, back to my waka.
I got to the filing station by 10.15 a.m excited and all, but I had to wait for my mentor who came an hour late..hmmmm what could I say. Anyways we got into the market by 12.

Although not organized, the market was clean. I was impressed. I had prepared for my market waka I put on a blue jeans and black polo, with my market slippers, ready to conquer the world. As we walked from stall to stall I was being given some lectures. Men!!!! this bag making e no easy at all oh. You have to have passion for it or you will just die..loll.. and I have not even started.

Anyways I loved the experience. The people hurriedly walking pass as though they had a hundred and one things to do. The traders selling. In fact Mushin is a market where they sell rubbish, but the customers create fantastic pieces from the rubbish they buy. The one thing I loved about the market: there was: "no harassment".. You know when you go to the market and they call you names, telling you how they have jeans and fine fine tops when all you want to buy are used novels. Nobody fighting to touch you or christening you with names like Nkechi, or baby, or Egovine etc.

After shopping, I had to drop my mentor off at her house. MEN!!! she lives by Ogun state border.
Well I got home safely and I loved the experience. Special thanks to Vera Akpan of OREMICRAFTS. She will be at the LE PETIT MARCHE SALE on the 25th of this month. SO if you are in Lagos please come around GET ARENA, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos, and shop.

Check out this link
A young Nigerian handbag designer. Lovely bags too and I like her. She is very nice and down to earth.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.

Notez Bien couldn't get the pictures to come after the post.
And the pictures were taken with my phone camera not a professional camera...
Ciao once again


  1. wwowww,it's so much already,the pix re still sharp sha, yea I think you should maintain secretilies, so you don't abandon one and hustle one oh, don't worry, you are still sissy o the core.
    all the best,all the strength,bonne chance

  2. Well done lady! More grease to your elbow

  3. @gretel lol even me I am surprised at the speed. That's what happens when u decide to do something.
    @ilola thank you

  4. well done. it's good you're still using one blog. hope to start seeing your bags soon

  5. enjoy your journey my dear. i wish you all the success in the worls

  6. Welldone. looking forward to hearing how the journey goes. FYI most buinesses e no easy, lol!

  7. Welcome to Mushin! How is the bag making going? All the best with it!