Monday, April 11, 2011

Kemi Adetiba

Hello everyone.. you will not believe what happened to me.. I had finished typing and then was ready to post, all of a sudden my write up just vanished....
I mean it vanished into thin air...
Secondly I can't find the blogs I follow on my page. Where did they go to?
How frustrating can this be ehhen?
I am so pissed right now, but you know what? " this will not deter me from telling my story for today...

Kemi Adetiba, a young girl born of an Akwa Ibom mother and a Yoruba father.
Attended Atlantic hall secondary school in Lagos.
A law graduate from university OF Lagos, Unilag.

I am sure after a while she said to herself: "what's all this...I am dying inside not doing what I like..... throwing the stiff collar she flees LAW in search of her passion.

She is the only female Nigerian who shoots and directs music videos. She directed TY Bello's new song "The future". ( Please everyone should go on YouTube and listen to the song, I love it).

She has done so well for herself that she surprises even herself, I am sure. LOL. She is also DJ, can you beat that...

Now I am sure your are asking why am I getting all that excited.?
well I know if I had told my parents I wanted to be a DJ instead of a LAWYER they would have taken me for

I know we all have some passion hidden inside of us... or maybe locked away somewhere, with the keys missing... I think it is time to unlock IT and let it fly.. Fly with it and see what life has to offer....

My secret:

" the first day I got on a plane I knew I was born to fly planes. I didn't want to be an air hostesses, I wanted to be the pilot. The more I flew, the more fascinated I became, but I was timid. I wasn't bold enough to tell my parents MY DREAM. I wasn't bold enough to defend my passion. I wasn't ready to get uncomfortable to achieve my dream. And then secretly I was scared that they will reject me once they found out that I was partially deaf. So in other not to face this humiliation, I killed my dream. I killed it so fast that you will never have thought that I had a dream....

Coming across Kemi Adetiba, my dream is rekindled. I don't know if I can be bold enough to go 4 IT, but one thing I know is this: I will try my best to achieve it. Maybe now, maybe in 15 years, but I will do it, even if I fly once in my lifetime...

I have shared my secret, what's yours?
What passion, dream have you buried inside of you. Maybe cos of society or the fact that women can't be found in that field, or a disability etc.
What is it?
Please let me know and together I am sure we can fulfill our dreams.


P.S : " don't forget to grab a copy of Myne Whiteman's new book: " A LOVE rekindled".


  1. Great story! You go for your dreams, that's all we have to hold onto sometimes:) I can't think of any secret dreams I have. I always said in school that I wanted to be fashion designer one day and the kids would laugh at me. I think maybe it did delay those dreams, but I will do it and am on my way~M

  2. OMG, right on - I have a thing for flying too !! I am a HUGE aviation enthusiast. I dreamed of being a pilot, but not the commercial airline kind. I wanted to fly in the airforce. I wanted to fly bomber aircraft, specifically the B52 bomber. Reality is I'm not ever likely to fly a B-52 bomber. Fly on one, maybe. Still I dream about getting a private pilots license, but the missus thinks I best wait till the kids graduate before I put my life at risk. Sigh! Till then, I spend my time satisfying my passion going to airshows whenever I can, touring aircraft carriers-turned-museums, and hoping one-day I'll get a chance to go on one of them once-in-a-lifetime flights on an historic bomber aircraft like the B-17 Stratofortress or the Avro Lancaster. I'll consider it dream fulfilled if I can fly on either one of those two.

  3. @the Compassion Fashion Project: I know what you mean about people laughing at your dreams. They have done that a lot to me. But i am glad you went for it. keep it up.
    @Wendal: are you serious? Lol i understand your missus cos my hubby thinks the same way to..LOL. But do your thing and keep it up.

  4. Dreams! Dreams!! Dreams!!!
    I think the biggest regret of all time comes from living thru life without trying to live one's dreams.

    As for your missing write -ups, gosh that must be really annoying!
    When your followers seem absent from the side bar, I think its cos ur internet connection is slow and the page hasnt fully loaded.

  5. Wow, I didn't know Kemi Adetiba trained as a lawyer, she is great at what she does. I wish you the best in your flying dreams, I'm sure you can do it. As for me, it was a great day to hold a book with my pen name. I have so many other dreams and I look forward to achieving them too.

  6. You should so go for it with the whole flying airplanes thing. That would actually be my worst nightmare, but hey ho...:)

    I've had so many dreams in the past; the current one is to be some sort of a motivational public speaker, encouraging people (especially the youths) to be all that God created them to be. So anyone out there looking for a guest speaker... ;)

  7. Your posts are always thoughtful and caring. I enjoy that very much. I don't think I had any career dreams when I was young and now I feel that was such a shame. In those days, we sort of grew up to get married, then that all changed in the 60s, but by then I just worked to support myself and focused on developing my spiritual and creative sides outside of work. Not until my last job did I really enjoy work and that job entailed writing. Technical, but I guess that's what I love to do -- write.--Inger

  8. THis popped up on my alert and I have to say as I read through your words my eyes filled up.

    Thank you for honouring me with your words. Thank you for seeing something in me that makes you aspire to 'reach out and touch' your dream.

    I thank YOUfor inspiring ME to be a better me. You never know who is flipping that magazine page or following your work.

    You ROCK girl... And i look forward to flying with you someday ;)

    'Kemi Adetiba xoxo

  9. drew me to tears ! we all have dreams !!! May GOD in his mercies bestore on us the strength and boldness to stand tall and achieve those dreams against all odds ! well done dear !!!

  10. Really, I searched kemi Adetiba because of all the great videos that I've been watching, made by her. Then, I cam across your post.
    But your story is one to behold too. Everyone, including my mum, thinks that I'm going to med school but I really just want to a a sex health educator for adolescents. I don't know how I'm going to achieve this but someday, I will.

    Good luck with your dreams girl. I've always loved female pilots

  11. Phiri, thanks for shining some light on @Kemi Adetiba. Kemi, you give young girls like me a reason to dream. Abeg no stop o!

    I love Maltina Dance by the way ;)