Wednesday, August 4, 2010


August is here and with it comes some apprehension. The year that just started has almost ended. In a bout of uncertainty you wonder, what are your accomplishments thus far.....
Maybe something good will come, wrapped up in a present box, but
waiting is not an option? How patient can one be.
Well let's just wait and see
Or should I?
Or Shouldn't I?
Maybe I should just rebel and do what is in my heart.
But it will hurt them.
Hmmm!!!!! I cannot help it, its for my own good, not theirs.
Well I will try, I just have to.

Nobody can see it, only me.
I will just hang in there and wait....

Sometimes we are faced with a dilemma, confused about what to do....
You are not alone, I feel like that sometimes, but then I know its only for a while.
Like the song that says "I will get there, I will get there someday", I will scale through.
Despite the ups and downs, enjoy this month,
for it is going to be a month of wonderful adventures...

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