Monday, August 16, 2010

Amazing Race

This is the era of reality shows, one new one sprouting up every day, enticing the audience or sometimes just pointless and a waste of money. One of the shows that I have fallen in love with is the Amazing Race (which can be seen on Sony Entertainment Television). This series is so dear to my heart especially the season 2 of Amazing Race Asia. The winner of the Amazing Race Asia season 2 was Adrian and Collin.

A Little Information: Amazing race Asia, is a realty show where the contestants ( 10 teams of 2 with pre-exiting relationship embark on a race around the world to win US$100,000.

Time table for season 2's Participants:
1. travelled to 4 continents.
2. visited 28 cities
3. visited 10 countries
4. Distance: 51,534 kilometers
5. travelled 32,023 miles
6. number of legs 12.

Countries Participants Visited:
Singapore, Philippines, People's Republic of China, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa.

In 2009, Amazing Race series, was nominated for an international Emmy Award for Best Non Scripted Entertainment. The race is simple amazing. It is a race around the world.
The most interesting thing about season 2, is that Adrian one of the winners was the first hearing impaired contestant in the Amazing Race Franchise. He proved to the world that despite his hearing deficiency he can do anything. He can compete with anybody with or without deficiency.

Food For Thought: everyday we seat down and think about how badly life has treated us. We complain about the atrocities we see on the road, each day. We complain about the simple benefits we are suppose to get and yet cannot get it, because the Government isn't capable of fulfilling their promises. Regularly there is news of one natural disaster or the other. Life just seems very unfair for a lot of us.
Some of us have parents who threw us away a babies, some where born into abject poverty, Life once again has just been unfair....

Before we go on and on about all the things that aren't working in our lives, take a look at our Star for today Adrian, who was born with a hearing deficiency, but overcame it. Who didn't allow himself to wallow in self pity, but instead showed the world that He to could do it.

Notez bien: anything is possible if we just set our hearts to do it. Instead of spending time counting all the ill luck brought upon us by life, look for what will make you stand out for good.

Happy new week,

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