Saturday, November 21, 2009

my day's hassle

Hello, its my first time here and i will like to start by sharing my day's experience with you. Today, as usual i woke up by 6.45a.m. for my daily walk. I walked for 1hour 30minutes praying, meditating and talking to God. As i walked i saw the same set of people in their cars, driving pass certainly on their way to work. The comments by certain passerbys didnt escape me. Because of the fuel scarcity i had to go buy fuel, for my car and my generator, and as we known in Nigeria generators are no longer used as 'backups' but as main sources of electricity. Determined to get fuel at all cost I ignored the long queue and went in search for my friend, the car wash guy (luckily for me the car wash is located inside the filling station compound). We both pretended i was coming in to wash my car, in order not to lie i was forced to wash my car although it had been washed the night before. This became my avenue of getting into the filing station without waiting for hours on the queue. After all the begging, cajoling and making the attendants have a sense of being in charge, i was able to get fuel both for my car and my generator. My joy was short lived as my car decided to deal with me. i discovered that my fuel tank was licking in the filling station which was scary. infact before i put on the ignition i confessed all my sins, cos i felt the car was going to go up in flames and i was going to be gone. I didnt want to risk going to hell for anything. In less than 10 minutes my shaft decided it was time to say good bye, one of the car tyres went bad, not flat but completly bad. The airconditioning told me: am sorry but am exhausted. to crown it all the car started making a terrible noise as though i was driving a train not a car. Embrassed as it may i drove the car slowly back to my house.........
lessons learnt: 'events take place not to discourage us but to make us stronger and able to over come obstacles. If we permit life to take a ride with our lives it would. Never allow anything negative to weigh you down in life. Once there is life, there is hope. I did not allow the events of my day to get to me, instead i looked for the humor in it. I got home relaxed, had a fantastic meal, watch a movie and made sure i achieved all that i had set out to do for that day.
take care and have fun.
notez bien: for all its worth : note this nothing is impossible to accomplish even as a woman.

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  1. bien sur, Ibifiri, once there is life there is hope.we cannot predict how our days, weeks n even life will go to the last letter but we can trust God and have faith that all will end well as we go about everyday trying to do our best to come out great. being a woman for me is like wining an award, by this i mean i feel special and i feel in the spotlights by God because he created us to fill a need, meaning we are a 'do without". really, i feel honoured. this is why every woman should believe in herself and find the need(s)she has to fill. i love secretlilies and all that it represents and i'm happy that i have a new haven where I can talk, share n learn.